Friday, May 20, 2011

Charm Games and Blue Tape

Yet once more I had an encounter with Indian police and customs officials... so they confiscated my painters tape, I did not really needed it anymore, and I can very well do with absolutely anything less in my bag... but I had time to lose, and I pretended to be very upset about my tape; demanded to talk to the person in charge for tape confiscation. 
so I waited..and waited a little bit more... began to think "why am I doing this nonsense..... for tape..?" anyways I was already on it!... so the officer came, I received him with a question: so does the Indian constitution say "no tape allowed on planes"?, mmmm not specifically he said... but it represents a threat to the social order... or something or other.... bureaucratic language...  so i continued.. grabbed my tape, ok, so this tape::::: and soooo oooon.... just picture me playing with the tape... then the officer: " Actually I think the tape is ok, but it is you who represents a threat to social order" we both laughed! I got my tape! and ... of course after a typically delayed flight.... I flew! 

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