Sunday, May 22, 2011

World politics, locked currencies, and their everyday use.

I think I was getting too cocky, thinking I can get my way all the way.... the last couple of days have taught me a lesson!
Indian Rupees exchange is prohibited for foreigners when traveling to Nepal, and then Indian Rupees are officially not accepted from foreigners in Nepal so the "visa upon arrival" only works if you have the right kind of money (US $ or Euros... maybe Pounds as well...) which even if you try you cannot get unless you exchanged in your own country. I offered Mexican Pesos...but they were not too keen on them... Bordering on conflict a fellow Indian tourist offered to exchange my Rupees for my visa fee and I could go through! .. To be honest I had Euros in my wallet, but I said I did not, hoping they would take my Rupees as I found it unfair that I was expected to have any other currency, intending a small protest on this weird policies. However by the time I realized it would be such a mess it was too late to pull out the Euros in front of the immigration officer... I did confess all this to my fellow tourist once we entered the country. 
I arrived on a connecting flight of which the first leg was delayed and then barely made it to the next flight running like a mad woman from domestic to international, clearing immigration and security all in like 20 min. But my luggage was not as fast.. and did not make it to Kathmandu with me, here there is not a digital tracking system, and the missing luggage "infrastructure" is equal to none... but only in appearance... I was quite relaxed and knew it would probably just work it... it sort of did but I still don't have my bag! It arrived today, but cannot be delivered as I have to clear customs myself... I could not pick it up as there is a complete strike for an unwritten constitution, and the people were leaving early as they had to walk home, now the strike will go on tomorrow... and again I might not be able to collect it...I was also on strike refusing to buy stuff, and neglecting my hygienic needs (like change of clothes and a shower) but at this rate.... I might have to break the strike first!

Friday, May 20, 2011

and days turned to nights, and so on...

I no more ever know about days of the week, soon probably months, numbers hopefully years will start getting lost! I know they won't...but I wish...time passing was counted for the number of paintings completed for two months, and now, I don't have that to keep track....
tomorrow off to Nepal, indescribable excitement!  ...

I miss this hut....

 but I feel like this palm tree! 

Charm Games and Blue Tape

Yet once more I had an encounter with Indian police and customs officials... so they confiscated my painters tape, I did not really needed it anymore, and I can very well do with absolutely anything less in my bag... but I had time to lose, and I pretended to be very upset about my tape; demanded to talk to the person in charge for tape confiscation. 
so I waited..and waited a little bit more... began to think "why am I doing this nonsense..... for tape..?" anyways I was already on it!... so the officer came, I received him with a question: so does the Indian constitution say "no tape allowed on planes"?, mmmm not specifically he said... but it represents a threat to the social order... or something or other.... bureaucratic language...  so i continued.. grabbed my tape, ok, so this tape::::: and soooo oooon.... just picture me playing with the tape... then the officer: " Actually I think the tape is ok, but it is you who represents a threat to social order" we both laughed! I got my tape! and ... of course after a typically delayed flight.... I flew! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

These Days: Temporary Gardens

Sink Garden

                                                                    Hotel Notice!