Sunday, March 11, 2012

the smell of communism

While in Croatia with Sunci, strolling in Hvar, at the sight of this flower Sunci exclaimed "That is the smell of communism" As it was planted all over the country during the communist time, then in Russia I spotted the same flower and asked a Russian friend about it, who gave me the same answer, yes in fact during communist times this flower could be found all over.

All the weight of the word "communism" becomes irrelevant, it shaped lives and countries, yet is does not cease to be man's construction. At the core of human beings, where only existence can be sensed, and our sensorial perception before being rationalized and going directly to the unconscious becomes our connection with the world and reality, such a complex idea in an instant is condensed to smell. Suddenly there is simplicity, just a smell, a flower, a memory.
This reduction also shows a side of existence, regardless of the situation, we are living and our senses awake. As long as we are alive we are sensing the world, never silent, never neutral.  

Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca