Sunday, April 17, 2011

Night War

In Thekkady we have started a very nice community, every night there is an assembly meeting of ants in my bathroom... unless they have to drag a dead beettle along; beettles come in every size and colour and are generally trapped behind the curtains, being noisy as hell until I drag them out... poor clumsy guys...and of course the ever buzzing mosquitoes, flying geckos, prehistoric size insects... etc..but last night it seems there was a war where I came out victorious without even noticing it.
I felt very itchy and moved around all night...also I broke my non-killing policy and before going to bed decided to kill two mosquitoes which were bound to give me yet another endlessly interrupted sleep. So with all the forest sounds and calmness I went to bed....itchy.... I woke up to find a whole battleground under my sheets, pieces of dismembered bugs here and there, some mosquitoes and some which I cannot even recognize, accompanied by bug and blood squashed marks... it seems I brutally killed a few of this little guys...but the blood was evidence of their attack on me, it was all in self-defence!
Overview of Battleground!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Of transit knowledge + transcending natal wisdom

It's a strange skill to have the ability to deal with immigration officers especially when you are not doing anything illegal... or hardly illegal and they question you once and again as if you were the head of the mafia. Also it is such an art to know what they want to hear in each country and by the end of it to even make them laugh.
That is what I get for being a Mexican who currently lives in India got there through the US and Europe twice in a year with detours in a few other countries in the last couple of years with a passport issued in LA.
If not for a bit of charm this is definitely a trait I did not acquired at birth... of that I am certain.