Thursday, September 22, 2011

Officially Insane

Here are a few tips on how to push your mental balance over the limits. A few tips on how to gradually loose your mind. It will be a progressive and painless process.
- Have a crack on your spectacles or sunglasses, whatever you use more.
- Make one shoe shorter than the other, the bigger the difference the better
- Modify all your keys to barely open
- Always keep at least a small bank debt = many phone calls assured
- Keep as many things as possible (hoarding)
- Crack all mirrors
- Keep a loud tick tack clock
- Have buzzing lights
- Leaks, always have leaks
- Always drive during rush hour
- Maybe a few pills here and there could speed the process.

I believe this will do, but any more suggestions are welcome in order to perfection the methodology for perfect insanity.
(This was posted in collaboration with Fede ( whose presently undergoing this process, he has done a lot of progress!!)

Fede's sunglasses